Sunday, December 2 at 8p

Arthur Presents Brad Laner at Family.
This Sunday December 2nd 8pm FREE

From the LA Weekly: Laner is probably best known as the front man of Medicine, an L.A.-based guitar band that made a string of excellent noise-pop records during the first half of the '90s. Unabashedly melodic but caked with a thick layer of texture and fuzz, Medicine's music was viewed by many as an American counterpart to stuff by English shoegazer groups like My Bloody Valentine and Ride.

'Neighbor Singing' is the first album he's issued under his own name. Culled from pieces of music Laner's been recording at home over the past few years, it's a stunner, a gorgeous little psych-pop gem that distills all of Laner's work down to one easily consumable (yet deceptively complicated) essence. Catchy choruses, cool guitar noises, warm-and-fuzzy electronic squiggles - they're all here.

Listen to a song from Laner's latest album on Home Tapes

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