Saturday, November 20, 7pm

Brian Chippendale & C.F. Book Launch + Slideshow Presentation

Over the past decade, the Providence stalwarts Brian Chippendale and C.F. have revolutionized adventure comics, DIY culture, and contemporary art. Both artists' work feature a unique mix of personal politics, humor, fantastic worlds, sex, and visionary drawing.

Family is honored to host a Chippendale and C.F. presentation, featuring slide shows and commentary about their work, q&a, and book signing.

Brian Chippendale's new book is titled 'If 'n Oof' - an 800 page, epic graphic novel, focusing on the misadventures of the mismatched eponymous duo, Chippendale's own Laurel and Hardy. Chippendale allows the two to explore his landscapes and alien beings in a story-driven, manga-style adventure, replete with the frenetic linework and concise, witty dialogue for which he is notorious.

Brian Chippendale plays drums in the bands Lightning Bolt and Black Pus, and is a founding member of Providence's infamous Fort Thunder collective. His previous graphic novels include Maggots and Ninja.

C.F.'s Powr Mastrs 3 is the latest installment in his Dune-like science fiction/fantasy epic, featuring a misguided scientist and the race of beings he has created, inhabiting a surreal world called New China. Powr Mastrs overflows with graphic innovation, from the intricately designed costumes each character wears to the exactingly drawn architectural detail rendered in C.F.'s distinctive pencil line.

C.F. performs under the musical monikers Kites and Daily Life. He is a contributor to Kramers Ergot, among other books.

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