Wednesday, December 29, 7pm

Tearist Record Release Performance

To celebrate the release of Tearist's self-titled new album, Family is pleased to host a special performance entitled, Canceled


"For the duration of the new record Tearist will play a copy of the record and by means of violent manipulation effectively destroy it. The simultaneous playing and destroying of the record is crucial to the commercial release. The destroying of the record while playing and hearing the record will evoke a contradiction, the same contradiction that exists in the life/death scenario: to create is to destroy, to live is to die, all death comes from life, and all destruction comes from creation. Finally the actions we perform will work to immortalize the record in it's limited edition and evoke the sense of danger and loss involved in the creative (destructive) act. Simultaneous to creation a loss occurs which reminds the artist/creator of his/her own mortality. The loss, in this case, is the release of the record. We give this to everyone. We lose that which we have created. With this act we cancel this edition." - Tearist

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