Saturday, July 23, 6-9pm

by C.F.
July 23 - August 25

Opening Reception:

Saturday, July 23, 6 - 9pm

C.F.'s musical project Daily Life will perform at 7:30pm, along with Angels in America at 7pm

V4 is a new sculptural installation by Providence-based artist, C.F. (Christopher Forgues). A minimal arrangement of works on paper complement and interact with the wooden structure.

C.F. says: "Shapes are the definition of mundane - we find them everywhere, and yet they represent ideas so universal and fundamental that they transcend human values. In this way, forms represent the divine. The basic arrangement of these forms in space describe no place, perform no function, and yet in spite of these qualities (or because of them) they can incite narrative, cognitive games, or a subtle change of spirit in the viewer - this is the way myths begin.

"Extremes imply their opposite. When we stare at a color for a long time and close our eyes, we see an afterimage of the complimentary color. A simple dispossesed shape can invoke a rich world inside of ourselves."

C.F.'s graphic novel series, Powr Mastrs, is published by Picturebox. C.F. performs as Daily Life, Mark Lord, and Kites

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