Saturday, October 11, 7:30pm

In honor of the new Dave Scott Stone 7" through Teenage Teardrops and the new volume of the LA issue of the Fingered DVD:

Dave Scott Stone
Nite Jewel

Performing LIve Instore - Free!

Sunday, October 5, 2pm

Joseph Mattson & Six Organs of Admittance

Mattson will be reading from his brand new book 'Empty The Sun' with a live accompaniment by Six Organs of Admittance

"Here I was, doing ninety on the Santa Monica Freeway with a quart of whiskey shoved into my crotch and my dead neighbor in the trunk. It had come time to leave Los Angeles." Thus begins the pre-apocalyptic, cross-country race against God to bury the murdered past in Joseph Mattson's Empty the Sun, an urgent, beautifully reckless novel of transgressive loss and hunted redemption, which includes a soundtrack by the enigmatic and stunning Six Organs of Admittance.

Also reading:
Elisa Ambrogio (of Magik Markers)
Arthur Nersesian (Author of The Fuck-Up, The East Village Tetralogy)
Sunday, September 28, 7:30pm

Launch of two brand new MCSWEENEY'S titles - with author readings and signings.

Deb Olin Unferth

A man follows his wife. The wife follows a stranger. The stranger leaves town and the man goes after him, determined to settle the score. But the man is not the only one looking for the stranger, and the stranger has troubles of his own. Amid all this, the earth quakes, a boy leaps out a window, and a dolphin swims free. Of course people have adventures of this kind—of course! of course!—but we’ve never heard of it before. With deadpan humor and skewed wordplay, Deb Olin Unferth weaves a mystery of hope and heartbreak.

"Part mystery, part sonata, Unferth writes like a musician plays, weaving images and themes and melodies with these beautifully rhythmic, funny, heart-breaking sentences. The whole novel should be read aloud and relished."

All Known Metal Bands
Dan Nelson

This volume contains the names of over fifty thousand metal bands. If one presumes that each of these bands had an average of four members, and multiplies that by the bands, one might figure that at least a quarter of a million humans have pledged allegiance to one of these groups of wandering beasts. Never has a music relegated to the underground of a civilization had so many devotees; no radio need transmit the power of this music, for it is sought fiercely and freely by the doomed and the dispossessed, whose ears are never touched by songs of love and weakness.

These names are invisible tokens to be spoken aloud, each representing a human quest for superhuman spectacle: shaking floorboards and quivering walls, split ears leaking blood, with faces painted and ornaments pointy, voices uttering eternal truths shunned by woman and man alike.