Sunday November 16, 7pm

Kramers Ergot 7 Release Party + Art Show

Come and celebrate the release of the new mammoth mega sized new volume of Kramers Ergot at Family!

Kramers Ergot, the most influential and acclaimed anthology of the past decade, returns in its seventh volume as a gigantic full-color 16 x 21 inch (that’s bigger than a full page from your daily newspaper) hardcover! While past issues explored an innovative blend of art and comics, this collection focuses on expanding the boundaries of the narrative comics page. #7’s massive page size has given these contemporary artists an opportunity to tell stories at a scope not seen since the expansive Sunday newspaper comics of the early twentieth century. Including over 50 of the world’s greatest cartoonists, it draws on the talents of established cartoonists, newcomers, elegant stylists, and unpredictable innovators such as Chris Ware, Paper Rad, Jaime Hernandez, Blanquet, Matt Groening, Daniel Clowes, Mat Brinkman, Kim Deitch, Anna Sommer, Anders Nilsen, C.F., Adrian Tomine, Kevin Huizenga and many others.

Contributors on hand Sunday evening will be Geoff McFetridge, Matt Groening, Jaime Hernandez, Souther Salazar, Tim Hensley, Johnny Ryan, Josh Simmons, Walt Holcombe, Martin Cendreda, John Pham, Ron Rege jr., and editor Sammy Harkham