Sunday, October 11, 7pm

The Urxed
City Center

Sunday, October 11, 7pm!

The Urxed:
The Urxed is the solo music and performance art project of High Places member Rob Barber. The name 'The Urxed' has been used for various projects since Rob was a youth. The name originated as a Graffiti name, and was a reference to the song "You're X'ed" by the early 80's Washington DC hardcore punk band The Faith.

Nudge is a slightly loose collective orbiting Los Angeles based musician Brian Foote, birthed premillenially in Portland with the intent to push forward with emergent technologies and antiquated kit alike. His prime collaborators are Paul Dickow who works solo as Strategy, and Honey Owens who records under the Valet moniker. Foote also plays in Atlas Sound and helps run the Kranky label.

nudge "war song" from nudge on Vimeo.

City Center:
Before delving into the sparkling, murky sound collages of his current project, City Center, Fred Thomas spent about 10 years masterminding resourcefully lo-fi pop and soul tunes under the banner of Saturday Looks Good To Me. Thomas began City Center after moving from Michigan to a more cramped situation in New York City and, in what he calls a classic New York moving story, retreated into a world of headphones, loops, and lonely electronic experimentation. Thomas' friend Ryan Howard joined up to help him flesh out the songs, resulting in City Center's recent self-titled album. City Center's sound—putting the melodies and songs under a canopy of reverb-heavy loops and samples instead of the other way around—has prompted some to accuse Thomas of "jumping on the bandwagon of weird music," as he puts it.

City Center - "Thaw" @ The Bakery (9/23/09) from Chad Paulson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, Oct 21, 8pm

Double launch for new books by Marc Bell and Johnny Ryan! October 21, 8pm (presentation + signing)

Marc Bell (from Canada) will be giving a slideshow presentation and both artists will be instore signing books.

"Marc Bell’s HOT POTATOE seamlessly combines decade-plus comics activities with a lifelong devotion to, as Bell calls it, "Fine Ahtwerks." Part art monograph, part comics collection, HOT POTATOE is filled with mixed media cardboard constructions, watercoloured drawings, altered found texts and Bell’s most intense, dizzying comics from the contemporary avant-garde comics anthologies – Kramers Ergot and The Ganzfeld. Bell’s works have their roots in draftsmanship, typography and old-fashioned gags, but morph into assemblages that connect his images into real space. His comics are funny, seat-of-the pants narratives that give the characters an inner-life.

Canada's Marc Bell is one of the leading lights in the new emphasis on drawing in the art world. He comes on like a stepchild of R. Crumb, Ray Johnson and Basquiat; armed with a dashing and looping rapidograph."

"Ryan's original graphic novel Prison Pit combines his love for WWE wrestling, Gary Panter's "Jimbo" comics, and Kentaro Miura's "Berserk" Manga, into a brutal showcase of violence, survival and revenge. The prolific cartoonist is best known for his outrageous 14-issue Angry Youth Comix series published by Fantagraphics Books. Ryan also pens the weekly comic strip Blecky Yuckerella, which has been collected in three volumes including the recently released Comics Are for Idiots."